Continuously develop, research and development to meet the market demand, new and practical quality products; is the eternal theme for our company to seek enterprise development to provide satisfying pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service.

  • Henan Sinco Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Pre-sale service:

    Provide technical consulting services for customers free of charge;

    Provide product samples, enterprise profile and other documents to customers;

    understand the customer status and needs;

    Invite customers to come to our factory for field investigation and visit our product manufacturing process, product prototype, product testing and quality management system.

    Assigns experienced engineers to customize professional process plans and equipment selection free of charge according to the customer's site conditions and technical parameters provided by the customer.

  • Henan Sinco Machinery Co., Ltd.

    In-sale service:

    In the process of product manufacturing, invite the relevant technical person of the customer to our factory to inspect each procedure in the process of product manufacturing, and provide the inspection standards and inspection results of the products to the technical person of the customer.

  • Henan Sinco Machinery Co., Ltd.

    After-sales service:

    After the products are delivered, we send professional engineer to the customer's working site for double check (or provide detailed delivery list);

    Sent professional engineers to provide on-site technical guidance for installation and commissioning;

    Our factory has a professional after-sales service team, according to customer feedback, in the shortest time to make a satisfying response and solution;

    Guarantee period: one year (except wearing parts);

    Invites customers to make comments on our after-sales service engineers, and we will reward or punish the engineers through the 《customer feedback information sheet》