Can I choose the impact crusher to make sand ?

April 02, 2020


Dear Mohammed,

Impact crusher also belongs to the impact crushing type. The finished product has a good grain shape, and a certain profit can be achieved by adjusting the size of the discharge and selecting the appropriate specifications. However, impact crusher is not a professional sand making machine, after all, at least the following three defects cannot be avoided:

1. The quality of the sand produced by impact crusher is not as good as that from a professional sand making machine.

2. Impact crusher for sand making requires a large amount of regrind, and the output will be greatly affected.

3. The cost of the hammer is relatively high, and the quick-wear parts of the hammer in impact crusher for sand making is relatively serious, and the subsequent maintenance costs are relatively large.

Therefore, if your production scale is not large and the stone is not too hard, it is also possible to use impact crusher to make sand, which can reduce investment costs. Conversely, if your production scale is large and the stone is hard, it is more cost-effective to make sand by sand making machine. Perhaps the short-term investment will increase, but in the long-term, you will reduce the production cost and profit obtained are still considerable. Our company produces a full range of impact crushers, both traditional VSI sand maker and 5X series sand maker and the new 6X series sand maker.

You can submit the production requirements to our 24hour online customer service; we will give you a complete set of stone equipment selection plan and quotation budget for reference.


Technical department from Sinco Machinery

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